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Environmental Services

Shane Lotts, RS, Director of Environmental Health
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Derek Dunson, RS
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find these rules at:

Service: Food Establishments and Vending Inspections and Licensure
Rules: Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code

Service: Public Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections and Licensure

Rules: Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Service: Recreational Vehicle Parks and Camps Inspections and Licensure
Rules: Recreational Parks and Camps

Service: Tattoo & Body Piercing Establishments Inspections and Licensure
Rules: Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments

Service: Clean Indoor Air (Smoking) Investigation
Rules: Clean Indoor Air (Smoking)

Service: Sewage and Water Program
Rules: Private Water Systems
Rules: Household Sewage Disposal Systems

Hardin County Lot Information and Aerial Views (GIS)


Nuisance Complaints
Housing & Premise Complaints
(In writting only)

Nuisance Form


Service: Rabies Control and Prevention (Animal Bites)

Service: Vector-Borne Disease Prevention

Insect & Rodent Complaints


The Kenton-Hardin Health Department would like to remind residents to protect themselves from the ever-present threat of rabies by following these precautions:

·     Do not feed, touch or adopt wild animals and be cautious around stray cats  and dogs.
·     Teach children to leave wildlife alone and be sure that your child knows to tell you if an animal bites or scratches them.
·     Have your pet cats, dogs, and ferrets vaccinated for rabies and keep their vaccinations current.
·     Keep trash can lids secure. Open containers can attract wildlife.
·     Feed pets indoors. Never leave food outdoors that can attract wildlife.
·     Report any bite incidents to your local health department and call your doctor for medical advice.


“Do not touch, handle or play with wildlife.  Although they may appear to be cute, friendly animals, wildlife should be considered dangerous” says Patt Sweeney Mahoning County health commissioner.  “To minimize attracting wildlife to your property, remember to keep all pet food inside or in closed containers.”

 Rabies is a fatal viral zoonosis and a serious public health threat. All mammals, such as raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats, are believed susceptible to the disease. Rabies is transmitted when the virus is introduced into bite wounds, open cuts in skin, or onto mucous membranes from saliva.

If you are involved in a pet or human exposure, please contact your local health department for surveillance purposes:Kenton-Hardin Health Department

as of 01/01/2015

Solid Waste

Septic Permits $375.00
Real Estate Inspections $100.00
Site Inspections $300.00
Partial Septic Replacement $ 75.00
Installers $100.00
Liquid Waste Trucks $100.00
Return Trip Inspections $150.00
Vacant Land Inspection per/hr $ 50.00
Variance Application Fee


Water Systems

Well Permits $375.60
Water Samples $ 81.60
Water Haulers $ 75.00
Alteration Permit $146.60

Recreational Parks

Fewer than 50 Sites $310.00
50 Sites or greater $330.00
plus.25 per site 50 or greater
Temporary Campground $75.00

Swimming Pools

Public Swimming Pool $330.00
2nd Swimming Pool at Same Area $105.00
Public Spa $330.00
Special Use Pool $330.00

Tattoo and Body Piercing

Body Piercing and Tattoo $200.00
Tattoo Only $200.00
Mobile Tattoo and/or Body Piercing per day $50.00

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